Monday, January 19, 2009

Homemade Multi-purpose cleaning Recipe

This week in my quest to reduce spending and to feel like I am recovering some old, once common knowledge that has been almost lost, I found recipes and made great cleaning products. I have used them in the bathroom used by my three teenage sons (I rarely go in there unless I don full germ warfare protective gear and armed with a bristling arsenal of bleach-laden products). I made the vinegar, water and essential oil multi-use cleaner, took a deep breath and went in blasting.

I was impressed with the way the vinegar (odor greatly improved with essential rose oil...not my favorite, but the only essential oil I had ...I am on a quest to find a good source of inexpensive essential oil...I want lemongrass) seemed to neutralize the ...ahem....urine smell left by children who seem to make no attempt to aim and sometimes seem to begin peeing 5 feet from the john. I sprayed the walls and floor as well. I left it sit for about 10 minutes and after wiping, did a deep sniff test.... very nice.

The recipe couldn't be simpler:

Equal parts white vinegar and water...then 20-25 drops essential oil.

I mixed and put in a spray bottle.

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